Minimal Requirements

While Pancake strives to support for as many Grasshopper versions, it drops support for certain versions for better use of latest technology.

Pancake is a freeware and has no supporting contracts unless stated otherwise. Still, we strive to support as many users. Generally, Pancake will support last two major versions and one latest WIP version of Rhino.


  • Both Windows and Mac are supported. Features may vary.

  • On Windows, Pancake requires at least .NET Framework 4.6.2 (in Rhino 6/7/8), or .NET 6 (in Rhino 8 WIP).

Rhino 8 (WIP)

  • Pancake supports the latest version of Rhino 8 WIP.

  • Some features requires at least Pancake 2.7.0 to work properly if Rhino 8 is switched to use .NET 6.

Rhino 7

  • Pancake supports all Rhino 7 versions.

Rhino 6

  • Pancake supports Rhino 6 versions since Rhino 6 SR5.

  • Some features are unavailable on Rhino 6 SR5.

  • Support for Rhino 6 will drop once Rhino 8 is formally released.

Rhino 5

  • The last Pancake version supporting Rhino 5 is 2.4.1. It was released on Dec 31, 2020.

  • You must use the last Rhino SR and Grasshopper 0.9.0076 to use this Pancake version.

Rhino 4

  • Pancake doesn't support lower versions of Rhino.

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