Downgrade Components
This feature works differently if you are using Rhino 5, click here for more information.
The Grasshopper shipped with Rhinoceros 6 introduces a bunch of new components, some replacing the most basic ones. This feature provides an one-click solution for downgrading them, so that it can be loaded by a Rhino 5 user.

How to use this feature?

    Navigate to "Pancake" menu, click "Downgrade components to Rhino 5 version"

Which component will be downgraded?

    Subtraction (with 2 inputs)
    Multiplication (with 2 inputs)
    Evaluate Surface
    Interpolate Curve (Tangent)
    Relay component

What if I use some component unavailable in Rhino 5?

Pancake will notify you about these components, and only operate on downgradable ones.
Last modified 3yr ago