Portability Check

Portability Check generates a report of external resources used by current Grasshopper file, so that it is easier to exchange files between different computers. A neat "Copy To..." feature is also available that skips manual operations. This feature will also check for major styling issues.

How to use this feature?

  • Navigate to "Pancake" menu, click "Check portability of this document..."

  • "Copy to..." will copy all listed files into a designated location

What is included in the check?

  • Core library components unavailable in GH 0.9.0076

  • Non-core libraries. Specifically, libraries except

    • Core

    • IO

    • Maths

    • Curve

    • Field

    • Script

    • Vector

    • Surface

    • Galapagos

    • Transform

    • Triangulation

    • Script

    • Kangaroo2 (only in Rhino6)

    • GhPython (only in Rhino6)

  • Dependencies of non-core libraries

  • Dependencies of customizable components

    • Embedded VB.NET / C# script

  • Data files

    • Referenced file in FilePath param

    • Linked image file in ImageSampler

    • Linked GHData file in DataInputComponent (introduced in Rhino 6)

Known problems

Although striving, Pancake cannot list every possible related files. Here's a list of known problems:

  • Files referenced as texts in Panel

Known incompatible plugins

Pancake will notify you if the plugin is known incompatible with "Copy To..." feature. We recommend you to install listed plugins manually.

  • Human UI

    • As of, additional XAML style files are required

  • Lunchbox

    • Lunchbox may need additional config file to work on Mono-based environment, such as Mac.

  • Weaverbird

    • Weaverbird is usually installed to Program Files directory. If so, the dependencies are omitted because Pancake limits the searching scope for security reason.

    • Weaverbird may also require registration to work.

  • Ameba

    • Ameba needs installation and other native files to work.

  • Kangaroo 2 in Rhino 6

    • Kangaroo 2 is shipped with Rhino 6. Consequently, the required KangarooSolver.dll will be considered as a built-in library, thus excluded from the list. Include that file if you are sharing your script with Rhino 5 user.

Styling check

Starting from, Pancake will also search for major styling issues. Currently the following are checked.

  • Component/params entirely covered by one another.

What else should I also notice?

  • As of the current Grasshopper version, Pancake also checks components inside any cluster, regardless of encryption.

Example screenshot

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