Setting Transfer
Transfer setting is useful when you have a new installation, or need to deploy design software. Pancake provides a simple tool enabling you to transfer file and settings more easily.

How to use this feature?

    Navigate to "Pancake" menu, click "Settings", "Transfer..."

What can be transferred?

    Pancake settings
    Grasshopper settings
      Core settings
      Interface settings
      Markov prediction database
      Keyboard shortcuts
      Saved gradients
      Saved materials
      User object information (such as default author, contact, etc)
      Several miscellaneous settings
    Grasshopper add-ons
      Libraries, excluding those which are not installed under Grasshopper folder, such as Weaverbird
      User objects

Information under certain circumstances

    Load a file exported by a higher version of Grasshopper
      Settings of a higher version may rarely break Grasshopper.
      You will receive a warning. If you choose not, Grasshopper-related things won't be touched.
      Pancake's settings are not affected by the limitation.
    Apply Grasshopper settings
      In most cases, you need to restart Grasshopper and Rhino after a successful import. Otherwise, some settings may be overriden.
      Some settings, including Markov database, keyboard shortcuts, are applied immediately.
      Some settings are applied, but does not show in Grasshopper's settings. They will change after you restart Grasshopper.
    Apply Grasshopper libraries
      The tool is designed to deploy libraries onto a new Rhino/GH installation. So you may see an error if Pancake cannot override an add-on currently in use.
    Transfer between Mac and Rhino
      It is generally OK, given that version policy is satifisfied. If you encounter any problem, contact us.
      Notice: Not all add-ons work on Mac

What else should I also notice?

    You can use this feature to transfer settings on a same computer, such as from GH0 to GH1.
    "Read from" operation cannot be undone.
Last modified 2yr ago