Export to STL

This component exports a single Grasshopper mesh to a standard STL file, without any bond to existing 3D printing service.

How to use this component?

  • The component is listed under Pancake tab, I/O

  • Or you can find it via double-clicking

What does each parameter mean?





The single mesh you want to export


Default true. If Pancake should rebase the mesh to world origin


Where to save the file


Default true. Save your file as binary format


Feed true to save the file




Evaluates true when the export is successful

What are possible errors?

Currently, binary STL exporting can only work on little-endian systems.

The method Pancake relies on can work on a little-endian system only. This error is likely to happen on a Mono-based platform, and will stop any binary export.

The mesh is not closed.

Mesh fed is not closed, which is usually a problem in 3D printing. This error won't stop export.

Fail to triangulate the mesh.

STL can only store triangles but Pancake cannot triangluate your mesh. This error will stop export.

Fail to relocate the mesh.

Pancake cannot rebase your mesh. The problem can be caused by a malformed geometry. The error alone doesn't prevent successful export.

What else should I also notice?

  • If you want to export to one single file, remember to join the unconnected meshes.

  • Currently, Pancake doesn't support any extended STL standard (such as color, material).

  • Pancake supports up to 0.000001 unit accuracy.

  • STL files are reported to be generated by PancakeGHSTLMaker.

Example screenshot